Season 1, Episode 39
Publication date April 21st, 2018
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"A hero has abandoned the battle."

AFK is the thirty-ninth episode of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Raynor, controlled by a player named "dudemanguy", standing still in the Hall of Storms. The first half of the video is a montage of him along with his teammates and opponents around the base in a timelapse over many day and night cycles.

Eventually, the game declares that the player has disconnected, so the AI decides to take control of him. In the first run, Raynor mindlessly walks to the enemy team, only to be taken down easily, and finished off by Diablo's Apocalypse.

After respawning, he cluelessly walks a lane, only to be ambushed by his opponents.

In the third run, he walks again, but he ends up running into Arthas' sword, impaling his head.

Epilogue Edit

The video ends with the reconnecting screen showing Raynor in a middle of reconnection. After a long time, he is finally back in the game, but the match is finally over, with his team in the losing end.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • AFK means "away from keyboard", it commonly refers to an inactive player.
  • This episode has by far the most heroes in any HeroStorm episode, even having more than 5 heroes per team.
  • In the fast forward scene, some battles reflects the ones that appeared in UnBEARable, Support Group and Illidumb Hunting.

Gameplay reference

  • In Heroes of the Storm, a player is kicked after a long time AFK and they have a chance to rejoin the match. In the meantime, their hero is played by AI. Normally, the AI plays aggresively and only retrieve with low health being easy to catch by heroes with ranged attacks and rooting abilities.
    • Also, the hero passes to have its own name highlighted instead of the nickname of the player ("dudemanguy" passes to be "Raynor").


HeroStorm Ep 39 AFK

HeroStorm Ep 39 AFK

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