Aspire to Inspire
Season 1, Episode 1
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Publication date June 6th, 2015
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Aspire to Inspire

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Aspire to Inspire is the first episode of the first season of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Jim Raynor inspiring a group of minions. He does so by saying inspirational phrases, flattering the minions. The minions follow him while he rides on a horsey stick. Suddenly, they are frozen and spiked by Arthas and Kerrigan, respectively. Raynor immediately turns around and flees after seeing the carnage.

Epilogue Edit

Raynor runs behind a team gate and shuts it behind him. Suddenly a new group of minions spawn. He attempts to inspire them again.

Characters Edit



HeroStorm Ep 1 Aspire to Inspire

HeroStorm Ep 1 Aspire to Inspire