Season 3, Episode 13
Air date September 6, 2014
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Busted is the thirteenth episode of the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

The episode opens where All for One left off, with a chokepoint blocked by many planetary fortresses. One fortress idly pushes down on a supply depot. The fortress looks up and sees a large amount of banelings approaching. It quickly gathers all the supply depots in front of it. Behind the fortresses, Sgt. Patches can be seen sitting inside a bunker playing a SNES, while another marine is reading a guide on playing StarCraft II, while Smoking Marauder is having a cigarette. Suddenly, they are blasted away by the banelings. A marine attempts to shoot the banelings but is crushed by a planetary fortress's disembodied head. The scene cuts to a mineral field with several SCVs mining. Suddenly, an overlord appears and throws banelings at the marines. A marine hides behind a supply depot wall and raises it, blocking other fleeing marines. The banelings' explosion throws a half-dissolved marine over the supply depot, who reaches for the first marine, who kicks it away. The banelings destroy the supply depot, causing the marine to flee behind the command center. Unfortunately, an overlord holding a baneling is also there, forcing him to flee again. He hides behind a barracks but sees a nydus worm surfacing, forcing him to escape. The nydus worm surfaces underneath the barracks and begins unloading banelings. The marine surveys the destruction of the terran base, with overlords throwing banelings like grenades. One baneling rolls into a barracks, forcing the marines inside to escape. The nydus worm picks up a barracks and eats its inhabitants by shaking them into its mouth. The marine runs and sees a reaper shooting at the banelings. The marine steals its jetpack but does not know how to operate it, causing him to fly around aimlessly and crash into the side of a barracks. A baneling rolls into the barracks and destroys it, presumably killing the marine.

Characters Edit

  • Smoking marauder
  • Sgt. Patches
  • Planetary fortresses
  • Banelings
  • Overlords
  • Nydus worm
  • Reaper

References Edit

  • Sgt. Patches can be seen playing a SNES, or Super Nintendo Entertainment System, inside the bunker.
  • This episode's title, Busted, is a reference to a baneling bust, a strategy where banelings are acquired before terrans can get siege tanks.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode uses marine death sounds from StarCraft: Brood War.
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