Deckard Cain was a Horadric scholar well versed in obscure lore and history of the arcane. He is a Melee Support Hero in HeroStorm.


As an avid scholar, Deckard Cain has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge. He has been an advisor, storyteller, and friend to Sanctuary's greatest heroes, guiding them through peril time and again. When Deckard speaks, it's wise to stay awhile and listen.




Trivia Edit

  • Deckard Cain was suggested by Jonathan Burton as an additional hero in Heroes of the Storm roster in IdBeCoolif series. After around two years, he was finally added to the game.
    • This is the second IdBeCoolif-suggested hero that came into the light on Heroes of the Storm. First was Stukov.
    • Also, there are abilities and talents coincidentally added: Horadric Cube and "Stay Awhile and Listen". However, Horadric Cube is a spellbomb unlike in IdBeCoolif where it bunkers the allies into a hiding place, similar to Bunker ability used by another hero Blaze.


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