The drone is the zerg worker unit.

Description Edit

Drones harvest minerals and vespene gas. As such, in most episodes they are seen harvesting resources. They can also mutate into buildings. They are also common targets for raids in many episodes such as A Hellion of a Harass and That So Raven. Drones rarely engage in combat, as their attacks are weak, so they commonly burrow to escape raiders.

Appearance Edit

Drones are team-colored with two lighter team-colored pincers. They are round and have webbed membranes on the sides of their bodies. Unlike actual drones, StarCrafts drones do not possess more than two eyes.

Personality Edit

Drones are less aggressive than SCVs or Probes, their terran and protoss counterparts. When threatened, they tend to either offer their attacker a bribe or burrow to escape.

Unlike actual zerg, StarCrafts drones do appear to have hive minds, as they have emotions. For example, drones have been seen falling in love on multiple occasions such as Valentine's Day Special and Overlord Overload.

Notable Drones Edit

  • Mineral drone



Trivia Edit

  • Many burrowed drones can be seen watching attackers in episodes such as Onslaught.

See Also Edit

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