Infested Terran

An infested terran

Infested terran is the zerg-infested combat unit created by an infestor.

Overview Edit

Infested terrans are spawned from infested swarm eggs thrown by infestor during zerg battles against protoss or terran. They always defend their creator like Derpfestor as henchmen but they only live in a short time to follow the in-game logic. Sometimes they hitch a ride or they are being cuddled by infestor in regular times. When attacking, they use rifles in a similar fashion of normal marine.

Appearance Edit

Infested terrans' body is almost similar to marines. Unlike in StarCraft II, they are fully team-colored without a trace of armor left. They appear to have wings instead of back claws. Their visors have zigzag lines below it, indicating they have teeth and mouth similar to that of zergling.

Their main armament is Gauss C-14 rifle.

Personality Edit

Controlled by infestor, they are commanded by the swarm as they cannot recognize their true selves. They cackle in situations when winning against the enemies. Others chew their rifles as shown in "Alliance Part 2", indicating they are mindless in wielding their weapons.

They are obedient to an infestor more than the rest of the zerg units, helping him along the way.

Trivia Edit

  • BroodWar infested terran first appeared on "BroodWar Ep 9" is a former suicide bomber unit, when the queen infests critically-damaged command center to produce infested terrans.

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