This is an episode guide for CarBot Animations' series, StarCrafts.

Season 1 (2012-2013): Steppes of War Edit

The season takes places on grass environment, where three races terran, protoss and zerg start their base. Also, new core characters are introduced: Sgt. Patches, Bob the Ragelot, and Patchling.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
1 Probelem An SCV is attacked by a stalking probe. August 20, 2012
2 Supply Block Bob the Ragelot's attack on the terran base is foiled by a supply depot. September 3, 2012
3 Micro Marine A group of marines annoy Bob the Ragelot. September 10, 2012
4 Zerg BM Zergling attacks a surviving marine. September 18, 2012
5 Choked Up Bob tries to fend off incoming zerglings. September 22, 2012
6 A Hellion of a Harass Hellion infiltrates zerg hive cluster and burns the drones. September 25, 2012
7 Roach Approach Roaches attack the terran expansion. October 2, 2012
8 Roach Poach A marauder retaliates the roaches. October 9, 2012
9 Scouting Factor Stalkers shoot off a snooping terran factory. October 13, 2012
10 Onslaught Squadron of protoss units attack the zerg expansion base. October 20, 2012
11 Halloween Special 2012 Two marines and ghost in costumes enter the infested academy, meeting their demise. October 27, 2012
12 Shes the Bomb Banshee attacks the protoss base. November 3, 2012
13 Spore Loser Phoenixes attack overlords. November 10, 2012
14 The BWC 2012 Every unit from three races compete for the trophy. November 16, 2012
15 Attention Seeker Hydralisk leashes a zergling to a Xel'naga tower. November 24, 2012
16 Shadow of a Colossus Colossus invades terran main base. December 2, 2012
17 NASL 4 Grand Finals Competition of the three races event on stadium has started. December 8, 2012
18 Marine Training A marine is trained inside the barracks. December 15, 2012
19 The True Meaning of StarCraft Grinchlot steals upgrades, researches and minerals from united three races' bases for being overpowered. December 22, 2012
20 Epic Mule Time Terran's overproduction causes a take over on protoss base. January 5, 2013
21 The Bane Baneling scares marines. January 12, 2013
22 Phoenix Down Phoenixes again attacks overlords, and are avenged by a corruptor. January 19, 2012
23 I Spy Changeling marine spies the terran main base, eliciting the reaper to take action. February 2, 2012
24 Uneggspected Terran squadron attacks the zerg hive cluster. February 16, 2013
25 Three For All Ultralisk and the zerg swarm attack the terran main base, and protoss units join the battle. March 7, 2013
- Heart of the Swarm Opening Infested Sarah Kerrigan's zerg swarm invade planet Korbal to outnumber the Terran Dominion. March 12, 2013

Season 2 (2013-2014): Devil's Playground Edit

The season is renewed as more and more fans and subscribers of CarBot Animations have numbered up due to increasing popularity of story, parody and quality of animation. Also, this season begins in same month when StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm was released. During this season, terran units and Sgt. Patches land on the deepest bowels of the planet where lava flows, and the rest of the races follow.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Season 2 Episode 0 Three races enter the lava flow deep below the planet's chasm. March 31, 2013 

April 26, 2013

1 GL HF Drone tries to build an expansion base, but is thwarted by a probe. April 27, 2013
2 Got 99 Probelems Probe does his cheesing tactic to destroy terran base. May 4, 2013
3 Reaping the Benefits One of the two reapers attacks the zerg drones all by himself. May 10, 2013
4 Core Values Marines riding SCVs wreck havoc the protoss base. May 18, 2013
5 Mine for the Taking Zergling wanders around the terran base. May 25, 2013
- Spawning Pool Party Marines are invited to the pool party at zerg spawning pool. June 4, 2013
6 Pest Control Protoss defense line tries to defeat incoming zerg units. June 8, 2013
7 Hellraiser Hellbat burns most of zerg and protoss forces. June 22, 2013
8 Fog of War Terran forces encounter the zero-visibility blinding cloud cast by viper, and are totalled by zerg swarm. June 29, 2013
9 Undermine the Overmind Dark templar attacks the zerg base in permanent cloaking. July 6, 2013
10 Nucleared Ghost targets a nuclear strike on zerg base. July 13, 2013
11 Power Overwhelming Dark templar and high templar fuse to overwhelm terran units in ultimate power. July 20, 2013
12 Mutalated Stalker and archon attempt to fend off harassing mutalisks. July 27, 2013
13 Thunder and Lightning Thor and his SCV repair assists attack the zerg base. August 3, 2013
14 DeathBall Literal "deathball" of every protoss ground unit finishes off the terran base. August 17, 2013
15 Unstoppable Protoss deathball invades zerg base and wipes them out. August 23, 2013
16 A Swarm Welcome Swarm host casts locusts at the terran defense. August 31, 2013
17 UnaVOIDable Void ray zaps the terran base into ashes.

Original: September ?, 2013

Reupload: August 6, 2015

18 Win of the Century Zergling and other zerg units enter the protoss base but are outnumbered by protoss armada. September 21, 2013
19 Trust the Nidas Touch Two nydus worms resurface on terran base. September 28, 2013
20 That So Raven Ravens unleash turrets, defeating most of zerg swarm. October 12, 2013
21 Halloween Special 2013 Marines and ghost manage to survive the horror inside the infested academy. October 29, 2013
- It's Nerfing Time David Kim and Dustin Browder nerf StarCraft II's overpowered units, literally. November 11, 2013
22 Crude Brood Brood lords throw too many broodlings at protoss base, followed by swarm of hydralisks. November 23, 2013
23 Oracle OraKILL Protoss oracle lethally zaps almost every unit on the terran base. November 30, 2013
- The Twelve Days of StarCrafts Original StarCraft's Christmas song, "Twelve Days of StarCraft", is re-sung. December 14, 2013
24 Burning Tide Part 1 After the small group of terran forces destroy the probes, Bob the Ragelot takes action against Sgt. Patches; however, the lava is risen, endangering three races' base. January 11, 2014
25 Burning Tide Part 2 Fleet of carriers and battlecruisers engage the aerial battle, and Bob and Patches fight on the battlecruiser. January 18, 2014
- Valentine's Day Special Drone tries to give a half heart-shaped crystal to another race, but is hurtfully rejected. February 14, 2014

Season 3 (2014-2015): Arid Plateau Edit

Third season is renewed due to Derpfestor's change of alignment and the StarCrafts story begins with Derpfestor arc. On this season, the desert environment is used.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Season 3 Episode 0 Betrayed from purple zerg, red Derpfestor builds his own faction using captured probe, drone and SCV. March 15, 2014
1 Not Enough Minerals Executor complains the lack of requirements around the initial protoss base. March 22, 2014
2 Cheeseling Derpfestor ties a cheese on the string on a red zergling, causing its pack to invade the starting purple zerg base. March 28, 2014
3 Base to Base Red planetary fortress faces off against an orbital command. April 5. 2014
4 Proxologist Red probe uses his proxy cheesing tactic at blue protoss to warp in assimilators and a gateway. April 18, 2014
5 Hatch Match Purple drone morphs into hatchery to damage the red terran base. May 2, 2014
6a A Miner Probelem Red widow mines terrorize blue protoss base. May 24, 2014
6b A Miner Probelem Alternate Alternate story for "A Miner Probelem". May 27, 2014
7 You Fired Hellbat requests a blue flame research inside the tech lab. June 6, 2014
8 Nexus Holdem Blue stalkers have trouble with the red mothership core. June 21, 2014
9 TvT Red and blue terran troops battle at each other. July 4, 2014
10 ZvZ Red and purple zerg swarm attack at each other. July 26, 2014
11 PvP Red and blue protoss armies slam at each other. August 10, 2014
12 All for One Marines and marauders defend against a Zerg attack. August 23, 2014
13 Busted Massive amount of banelings attack blue Terran base. September 6, 2014
14 Carrier Career Inside the blue carrier, the captain spends minerals for workers to build interceptors. October 10, 2014
15 Halloween Special 2014 Reaper in grim reaper costume saves ghost and marine from chainsaw-wielding zealot. October 28, 2014
16 Nimbus Colossi attempts to attack a blue terran expansion. November 29, 2014
17 A StarCrafts Carol As Zeratul despises StarCraft II and ridicules the "players", Tassadar teaches him the "true meaning of StarCraft" by letting him know the past, present and future. December 13, 2014
18 DoomDrop Medivac dropships full of marines and marauders wreak havoc on red protoss base. February 6, 2015
19 Beat by Creep Queen has trouble with harassing reapers. February 22, 2015
20 Team Work Derpfestor's red team units utilize combined race tactics against their enemy races. March 7, 2015
- Archon Mode As the Executor One frustrates the workload of both micro-ing and macro-ing, Executor Two plans for the "Archon Mode", allowing two executors to control protoss command. March 29, 2015
21 Group Hug Red immortal beats up a planetary fortress. April 4, 2015
22 Overlord Overload Red nydus worm releases swarm of red zerg swarm at the unsuspecting protoss base. April 18, 2015
23 Protoss Party Derpfestor commands red protoss fleet to destroy the entire blue terran base at full APM. May 2, 2015
24 Alliance Part 1 Blue ghost warns the remaining protoss, zerg and terran forces that are nearly fighting each other once and for all, about Derpfestor invasion with countless number of red P-T-Z army. May 30, 2015
25 Alliance Part 2 Blue protoss, purple zerg, and blue terran form an uneven alliance to engage war against Red Team; Sgt Patches and Crackhead encounter Derpfestor and his infested terrans; Bob the Ragelot swordfights against Proxy Zealot. May 30, 2015
26 Alliance Part 3 Sgt. Patches is harnessed under Derpfestor's mind control, attacking Crackhead; Bob the Ragelot goes for revenge after Swag Templar rescues him from under the red zerglings; Laughing Viper takes action maniacally. June 13, 2015

Season 4 (2015-2016): BroodWar Era Edit

Season is renewed while StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is yet to be released. CarBot Animations have implemented an idea of "nostalgic" season for StarCrafts to spoof the facts about StarCraft: Brood War. On this season, Sgt. Patches and his companions have landed back in time. However, there are mixed "special" episodes when CarBot Animations still create.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Season 4 Episode 0 Sgt. Patches, Crackhead, Slave SCV and Medivac Pilot find themselves lost in time by accident, and are landed on the planet with older SCVs. August 10, 2015

August 29, 2015

1 BroodWar Ep 2 Brood War protoss and terran armies engage in battle, experiencing some strange issues. September 5, 2015
- WCS Season 3 Finals Bob the Ragelot suffers a meltdown after he loses a championship game. September 12, 2015
2 BroodWar in a Nutshell Campaign stories in Brood War era are revealed by summary—in a nutshell. September 25, 2015
- HotS & WoL in a Nutshell Campaign stories in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm are revealed by summary—in a nutshell September 26, 2015
3 BroodWar Ep 3 Brood War zerg swarm and terran armies engage in battle. October 10, 2015
4 BroodWar Ep 4 The zealot is under attack by vultures. October 17, 2015
5 BroodWar Ep 5 A reaver terrorizes the terran base. October 24, 2015
6 Halloween Special 2015 Jokefestor attempts to finish off the ghost and marine. October 31, 2015
- Legacy of the Void Opening Artanis and his protoss warriors attempt to defeat incoming zerg swarm on infested Aiur. November 7, 2015
7 BroodWar Ep 7 Protoss air units attack the terran base. December 5, 2015
8 BroodWar Ep 8 Overlords detect hidden enemy units, experiencing some minor problems. January 18, 2016
- Kerrigan & Karax Kerrigan and Karax cooperate to stop a hybrid destroyer and its red terran army. January 23, 2016
9 BroodWar Ep 9 Season finale. Dark archon mind controls SCV and drone to form teal Z-T-P army; pink zerg swarm finishes off orange terran base; Sgt. Patches, Crackhead and Slave SCV escape. February 19, 2016

Season 5 (2016-2017): Space Platform Edit

The season is renewed as part of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void parody. The three races are now settled on floating islands outside the planet and expand their bases from the planet where they originally began to take place.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Season 5 Episode 0 Command center approaches space environment, and SCVs overrun to gather minerals. March 12, 2016
1 Game of Drones An overlord is perplexed as two extra drones are present. April 2, 2016
2 Reaping Rewards Reaper harasses the probes. April 8, 2016
3 Adeptation An adept attacks the main terran base using psionic transfer. April 29, 2016
- Nova Covert Oops Nova escapes Defenders of Man using cloak ability, and breaks its units' necks. May 21, 2016
4 Splash Marines try to remove the burrowed zergling at mineral field. June 17, 2016
5 Ravager Ravenger Group of zerglings, roaches and ravager attack the protoss base. July 9, 2016
6 Freedom Fighters Liberator takes action over zerg hive cluster, and queen tries to fight back. July 30, 2016
7 Spineless Defence Siege tank and group of marines attack the zerg hive cluster, while spine crawler goes to stab them nearly. August 20, 2016
8 Abathur & Vorazun Abathur and Vorazun cooperate to stop a hybrid destroyer and its red terran army. September 17, 2016
9 Jimmity & Alarak Jim Raynor and Alarak cooperate to stop a hybrid destroyer and its zerg army. October 1, 2016
- StarCrafts Mod Opening Marine (without suit) enters the assembly chamber in order to be suited up with marine gear. October 11, 2016
10 Halloween Special 2016 After encountering the Jokefestor, the marine and ghost leave the infested academy and enter the haunted forest. October 29, 2016
11 CyclOWNED Cyclone terrorizes the expansion base, and Bob the Ragelot tries to fight back. November 11, 2016
12 Colossal Mistake Several units of protoss army launch a battle on terran base. November 26, 2016
13 Nova & Stukov Stukov unleashes unique infested terrans while Nova recruits elite terran units. December 17, 2016
14 Home Alone Sgt. Patches is left behind, so he decorates the bunker by himself. December 20, 2016
- Nation Wars 2017 Grand Finals The battle between earthly nations has begun. January 21, 2017
15 ArchOnslaught Two archons terrorize the zerg hive cluster. February 17, 2017
16 The Magic Box Banshee invades the zerg hive cluster, but swarm of mutalisks fight back. March 4, 2017
17 InCharge Bob the Ragelot tries to fight back kiting terran units, but to no avail. April 15, 2017
18 Mineral Line Up Bob and the other zealots destroy a rock plate, then attempt to defend the base from marines. May 6, 2017
19 Lurking About Marines meet the lurkers on their mining area. June 3, 2017
20 Orders are Orders June 10, 2017
21 Executive Decisions July 8, 2017
22 The Duel July 15, 2017
23 Fenix & Zagara Fenix and Zagara cooperate to repel Hybrid Destroyer's red terran forces. August 5, 2017
24 Dehaka & Swann Dehaka and his swarm expand and evolve, respectively, while Swann fights the Hybrid Destroyer. Septeber 16, 2017
25 The Fall Part 1 Massive army of zerg launches a full-scale attack on terran base, leaving Sgt. Patches and Crackhead into trouble. October 19, 2017
26 The Fall Part 2 Zerg and terran launch a full-scale attack on protoss expansions and main base, leaving Bob the Ragelot deal with the traitor. October 20, 2017
27 The Fall Part 3 Three races fight each other on the space after Derpfestor destroyed the battlefield using nuclear weapon. October 21, 2017

Season 6 (2017-2018): Abyssal Reef Edit

The new season is about underwater environment inspired by multiplayer map "Abyssal Reef". CarBot Animations have now emphasized the story development with Sgt. Patches, Crackhead, Bob the Ragelot more than just StarCraft parody due to Obnoxious Executor's betrayal from teal protoss.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Season 6 Episode 0 An overlord carrying Patchling, Crackhead and the reaper descends onto the water world, the new environment. November 25, 2017
1 The New Terran New features on several terran units are demonstrated. December 2, 2017
2 The New Zerg New features on several zerg units are demonstrated. December 16, 2017
3 The New Protoss New features on several protoss units and buildings are demonstrated December 30, 2017
4 Build Orders The SCV fights the scouting probe again. January 20, 2017
5 Deep Feelings Sgt. Patches tries to find his missing love. February 10, 2017
6 Mira & Artanis Mira and Artanis cooperate to destroy Moebius Hybrid and his red zerg swarm. February 24, 2018
7 Deep Impact Bob returns to the battle under the sea. March 17, 2018
- Nation Wars 2018 The South Korean protoss protect their champion trophy from incoming competing races. March 28, 2018
8 StarCraft 20th Anniversary Many montages of previous episodes are replayed to celebrate twenty years of StarCraft. March 31, 2018
9 Evolution Complete Zerg structures workout to mutate, including the unit corruptor. April 18, 2018
10 Hellfired Hellions and hellbats raid the zerg hive cluster. April 28, 2018
11 Labotoss Terran squad encounters many probes led by the stalker in the nearby expansion mineral field. May 19, 2018
12 Do You Even Lift? Two phoenixes attack the overlord and then lift SCVs. June 2, 2018
13 "Care Again" ft. Kyle Okaly Jim Raynor still falls in love with Kerrigan. June 9, 2018
14 An Arm and a Leg Bob continues to fight the zerg swarm all by himself. June 23, 2018
15 Spineless Coward Drone mutates into a spine crawler against marines. July 21, 2018
16 A Worm Welcome A changeling morphs into a zealot to spy the protoss base. August 11, 2018
17 Tychus & Swann Tychus and Swann cooperate to stop Hybrid Destroyer's void shard. September 8, 2018
18 Deep Trouble (Part 1) Overlord, Crackhead and the reaper discover the terran base turned into enemy purple, attacking the pink zerg. September 22, 2018
19 Deep Trouble (Part 2) Now under purple team, overwhelming terran army launches a final attack on protoss base. Bob desparately tries to fight back; Crackhead and reaper infiltrates the purple terran base. October 26, 2018
20 Deep Trouble (Part 3) Last swarm of zerg goes back for revenge, even on blue terran and teal protoss; Bob picks a fight on Sgt. Patches again; Crackhead and reaper are dealing with corrupted Adjutant. October 27, 2018
- Zeratul & Raynor Zeratul goes into scavenger hunt to find Xel'naga artifacts despite Jim Raynor's childish playtime. January 26th 2019

Season 7 (2019) Steppes of War Revisited Edit

CarBot Animations has announced that the seventh season will be the final season of StarCrafts. It is also announced that there will be seven episodes long, which will be the total of one-hundred thirty nine episodes in seven years of StarCrafts.

In this season, the story is focused on possible three race's unity and final war against Red Team controlled tyrannical Derpfestor and his right-hand man Obnoxious Executor.

No. Episode Title Summary Upload Date
0 Beginning of the End An SCV tries to build a command center at the mineral field but was unable to do it because of an invisible structure done by a hidden red mothership. June 15th, 2019
1 TBA TBA June 22nd, 2019
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