Lord of Terror
Season 1, Episode 2
Lord of Terror
Publication date October 1, 2015
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Lord of Terror is the second episode of the first season of HeroStorm.

Plot Edit

Diablo charges into a battle between minions and sees Valla attacking the minions. Diablo uses Overpower on Valla, throwing her behind him. However, before he can attack her, Valla uses Vault to escape. He is hit by a barrage of arrows. He roars in response only to receive more arrows. He charges at Valla but is hit by a tower's cannonball. Diablo picks up a healing fountain and drinks its contents to heal him.

He is seen hiding from Valla in a patch of grass. However, Valla spots him and uses Hungering Arrow to attack him repeatedly, forcing him to return to the healing fountain. He charges back toward the blue army with a wave of red minions. However, they are all killed by Valla's Multishot. A wave of blue minions arrives to attack him. He shouts "Now, you shall know my wrath!" and casts Fire Stomp to send out a massive wave of fire to kill the minions. However, in reality, the fire is extremely slow and inaccurate and completely misses his targets, exasperating Diablo. He is then chased off by Valla.

Epilogue Edit

Valla is seen attacking a red fortification with some blue minions. Suddenly, Diablo charges through the gate and uses Overpower on her, knocking her behind the gate. Valla attempts to climb over the gate. Diablo attempts to attack her but slams into the gate and destroys it in the process.

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References Edit

  • The title of this episode, Lord of Terror, is a reference to Diablo's title in the Diablo series.


HeroStorm Ep 2 Lord of Terror

HeroStorm Ep 2 Lord of Terror