A lurker

Lurker is a zerg burrowing siege unit.

Overview Edit

Lurkers, though never appeared until the alpha version of Legacy of the Void, are evolved from hydralisks to turn from basic into a stronger defense unit. They are required to burrow so that they can attack enemy ground units using spines,

They are more active around hive clusters as an aid to spine crawlers (or sunken creeps on Brood War era)

Appearance Edit

Being bulkier than parent units, lurkers are six-legged zerg strains, walking using sharp claws on four hind legs. They are fiercer than hydralisks when they roar at the enemies as loud as they can.

Trivia Edit

  • Lurker appears twice on "A StarCrafts Carol." They are based on Brood War design. However, the design is kept as a new StarCrafts unit from Legacy of the Void, except for colors.
  • Shown in the season finale of BroodWar season, a lurker hitchhikes under the medivac dropship which launched from Brood War era back to present StarCraft II era—which is now on Legacy of the Void timeline. This is a reference to the return of zerg lurkers.
  • Lurkers, ravagers, banelings and brood lords are only zerg units evolved from hydralisks, roaches, zerglings and corruptors (not in Heart of the Swarm and Co-op campaigns)

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