The Mobile Utility Lunar Excavator (MULE) is the support summon mining unit.
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it epic mule time

Overview Edit

MULEs are limited to ninety seconds of battery life after being summoned by the orbital command via drop pod. They mine a huge load of minerals by using their mechanical strength to break a raw mineral field like a twig, and throw it towards the command center's loading entrance.

Having huge number of allocated minerals that MULEs gather exaggeratedly causes an overproduction of terran combat units, as shown in "Epic Mule Time."

Appearance Edit

MULEs are yellow-skinned, no matter what team-color is due to being temporary summon units at mineral field as shown in "TvT." Instead of a single eye in StarCraft, they have two red eyes.

In few episodes, MULEs appear to have more artificial intelligence than actual in most situations other than just mining minerals.

Trivia Edit

  • Both MULEs and widow mines are only terran units without a terran pilot or a remote control, unlike raven.
  • In "It's Nerfing Time", MULEs appear escaping from David Kim and Dustin Browder who nerf overpowered units. It is because their attributes in-game had been retained until Legacy of the Void Beta's update

See Also Edit

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