Nexus Holdem
Season 3, Episode 8
Nexus Holdem
Air date June 21, 2014
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Nexus Holdem is the eighth episode of the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with four stalkers stealthily approaching a blue terran base. Inside a bunker, one marine places an apple on another marine's head and prepares to shoot it. Suddenly, the stalkers blink inside the bunker. One of them swats the apple off the marine's head. They then proceed to destroy the bunker and its inhabitants. A siege tank sieges to attack them. Suddenly, the stalkers blink onto the siege tank and destroy it. A group of marines and a marauder arrive to attack the stalkers. However, the stalkers blink up a ledge into their main base and continue attacking there. The marines and marauders move up to the main base to defend, but the stalkers blink back to the natural expansion and continue attacking. The stalkers eventually leave happily.

A zerg queen is shown tending to a hatchery. Suddenly, the stalkers blink onto the hatchery and destroy it. The stalkers leave happily with broodlings in pursuit, which time out. The stalkers then see a red nexus. They begin attacking it. A mothership core uses photon overcharge on the nexus, enabling it to attack the stalkers. The stalkers move out of the nexus's range and entertain themselves with activities such as knitting and chess while waiting for the overcharge to expire. After a while, the photon overcharge expires. The stalkers charge toward the nexus once more. However, the mothership core uses photon overcharge on the nexus again, exasperating the stalkers.

Epilogue Edit

The nexus's photon overcharge finally expires. However, the stalkers have long died of old age, leaving their skeletons behind.

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Cultural References Edit

  • The marine attempting to shoot an apple off another one's head is a reference to a common feat in archery.
  • This episode's title, "Nexus Holdem", is a reference to Texas Holdem, a variation of poker.