Season 3, Episode 16
Air date November 29, 2014
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Halloween Special 2014
A StarCrafts Carol
Nimbus is the sixteenth episode of the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with three blue colossi (one of which is wearing a top hat) walking around when they spot a blue terran expansion. The colossi walk over to investigate. Unfortunately, they cannot reach the command center, as there is a chasm between them and the expansion. One colossus attempts to attack it, but the expansion is just out of his attack range. It manages to create a tiny burn on the command center. Upon taking damage, the command center immediately lifts off to escape. The three colossi laugh until one of them realizes that there is also a group of SCVs in the expansion. One of them attempts to reach past the gap, but ends up falling over and getting stuck in the chasm, creating a bridge. The other two colossi walk over him, but the second one weighs too much and causes the bridge colossus to collapse. The surviving colossus begins incinerating all the SCVs, which retreat into the command center. However, the command center lifts off while the colossus is standing over it, causing it to be carried off on the command center. The colossus reaches into the command center with his legs to grab the SCVs, but one of the SCVs drills his leg, hurting the colossus. The colossus loses his grip on the command center, causing him to fall off and hang underneath it. He then attacks it from underneath, killing many of the SCVs inside. The command center suddenly approaches land and lands on the ground, trapping the colossus's legs underneath. It then slowly begins transforming into a planetary fortress, scaring the colossus.

The episode then cuts to the title card, with colossus attack sounds playing until they are cut off by an explosion, presumably caused by the planetary fortress killing the colossus.

References Edit

  • This episode's title, Nimbus, may be named after CarbotAnimations's cat of the same name.

Characters Edit

  • Colossi
  • SCVs
  • Planetary fortress

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