Nydus worm

A nydus worm

Nydus worm
is a zerg transport strain

A nydus worm unloading ground units

Overview Edit

Nydus worm is often loaded with any zerg ground unit (even a non-zerg unit like a red marine in "Heart of the Swarm Opening").

After it surfaces from nydus network, it roars massively at any enemy unit, even nobody. Instead of pumping out its load of zerg swarm one-by-one, it exaggeratedly throws up in one direction, letting the swarm zoom towards the target.

When the nydus worm finishes unloading, it can idly wait for the command by holding its enclosure and twirling the ground, or choking with internal pain. However, it can let the zerg swarm back in by grabbing a handful and "eat" them up, when they need to escape from getting retaliated as shown in "Overlord Overload."

Also, if a nuke is targeted near the nydus worm, it comically screams in fear and tries to pull itself out of the ground although it is typically connected with its foundation nydus network.

Seen in "Undermine the Overmind", when a weak unit like SCV attacks the nydus worm, it quickly expires with a thud.

Appearance Edit

Nydus worm appears as a cute strain unlike in original StarCraft II ones with horrendous appearances such as many teeth, spikes and horns. Its short tendrils act like hands in order to hold on when it lands on any ground after emerging from underneath. Its mouth can be shown within both enclosures, can change its expression depending on the environment condition.

Personality Edit

Nydus worm is a little apathetic to most situations even after unloading its zerg units on board and tunneling through its canal, but it can be helpful sometimes when it puts them back to its belly.

Trivia Edit

  • Nydus worm is shown in the update mod video here.
  • When a nydus worm emerges from the ground in StarCrafts episodes, it doesn't create creep on the targeted ground.
  • Nydus worm appears in five episodes overall: "Heart of the Swarm Opening", "Trust the Nidas Touch" (two nydus worms), "Busted", "Overlord Overload", and "A Worm Welcome."
  • Nydus worm shapes like a graboid from the movie Tremors.

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