Roach Approach
Season 1, Episode 7
Roach approach
Air date October 2, 2012
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A Hellion of a Harass
Roach Poach
Roach Approach is the seventh episode in the first season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

At the outskirts of terran base where the command center—as planetary fortress—has been constructed near the bunker and minerals in natural expansion, two zerg roaches burrow and move underneath the unsuspecting marine and the bunker. They approach five mining SCVs at the planetary fortress. One of them quickly grabs an SCV down, and the fortress alarms without noticing the capture (Even other SCV's doesn't care about it, strangely). As the fortress looks away again, two more SCV's are captured, but the fortress shot at it late. The drop pod is summoned to add a MULE but is again grabbed, and the fortress only disintegrates the pod. Then, the roach snatches another SCV quicker. But one gets shot as the last SCV is still normally mining. Inflicted only minor damage, the roach wakes up and finally abducts the last SCV away. The fortress angrily bursts numerous cannons on the divots. The new SCV is recruited, but accidentally gunned down by fortress in a pace. The fortress feels surprised. Two roaches continue to sneak toward the main base, smiling.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time the cliffhanger scene is used. Later will be "Uneggspected", "Burning Tide Part 1", "A Miner Probelem" and "Alliance Part 2."
  • This is the first appearance of natural expansion base, the type of expansion which is near the player's starting base.
  • This is the first episode in the series that uses background music.
  • Unit quotations from Starcraft II used:
    • SCV: "SCV ready"
  • Background music used: To be updated

In-game Refrences Edit

  • A marine seems unsuspected of roaches building up the ground terrace where he stands. This is actually intended as, in StarCraft II, moving burrowed units are invisible unless the detectors like scanner sweep and missile turret would.
  • The thoughtless SCV in the capture scene may be a misconception from StarCraft as distracted players doesn't notice the mining units in danger until the sequel adds its warning message.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Episode 7 Roach Approach

StarCrafts Episode 7 Roach Approach

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