Supply Block
Season 1, Episode 2
StarCrafts Episode 2 Supply Block
Air date September 3, 2012
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Supply Block is the second episode in the first season of StarCrafts.


Two terran marines are in discussion about something that happened, until a charging protoss zealot engages to fight. None of them are alarmed. As the camera zooms out, it is shown that both are on a ramp blocked by a supply depot which pops up as the zealot enters, knocking him away. Enraged, the zealot does numerous slashes against the depot with his psi blades, but his attacks are nullified by a repairing SCV. The marines jump on top of the depot and shoot at the zealot off the base.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of the zealot, named Bob the Ragelot by fans.
  • The title "Supply Block" means that the terran structure supply depot becomes a blockade for narrow entrances, and can withdraw underground to allow any unit to pass.
  • Initial design of marines were taller than what they are now, also included shoulder armor. Zealot's original design was broader until "Onslaught".
  • Unit quotations from StarCraft II used:
    • Marine: "This one time..." (Complete quote is "This one time, at boot camp", the reference to the first American Pie film)
    • Zealot: "Aru nal'adan!", "None shall stand!"

In-game references Edit

  • This episode is a reference to a common tactic where a depot is used as a wall to keep out enemies.
  • It also references to which it is nearly impossible for a single unit to attack a supply depot when an SCV is repairing behind it.

Video Edit

StarCrafts Episode 2 Supply Block

StarCrafts Episode 2 Supply Block

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