Season 3, Episode 9
Air date October 1, 2015
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Nexus Holdem

TvT is the ninth episode of the third season of StarCrafts.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with four red siege tanks driving into an undefended blue terran expansion and entering siege mode in the middle of the expansion. They then destroy the entire base in one volley, including the ledge they are standing on, causing them to fall off along with the rest of the ledge, revealing "TvT" behind the ledge.

The episode cuts to a large blue terran army composed of marines, marauders, hellbats, siege tanks, vikings and a ghost. A red terran army also appears with an army of equal size and composition. One blue marine sees a flower and bends down to pick it. Unfortunately, while bending down, he entered the range of the siege tanks, which blew off his front half. The blue terran commander, standing in an orbital command, presses a scanner sweep button, scanning the red army. Derpfestor, also in an orbital command, counters with another scanner sweep. The blue commander scans a group of marines and a tank. Derpfestor scans a blue medivac, which decides to abort its drop mission upon being detected. The two commanders overuse scans to the point where both armies are blinded by the light of the scans. The blue commander scans inside a barracks and sees a ghost using a toilet and a marine showering, scaring the marine. Derpfestor sees a MULE calldown button next to the scan button and calls down MULES in the middle of the blue tank line, causing the tanks to fire at them and kill their own troops with collateral damage. The blue army then charges. After an intense battle scene, both armies are blown up by a red ghost's nuke.

Epilogue Edit

A blue medivac drops two hellbats on a red mineral line. The hellbats incinerate all the SCVs and leave. Shortly afterwards, four MULEs are dropped to continue mining.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The red barracks's bathroom has no visible entrance or exit.
  • A blue observer can be seen watching the blue army.
  • A Queen of Blades blow doll can be seen in the Derpfestor's orbital command.